Salmonier Country Manor has access to everything and anything you desire to make your stay 10/10.

Ocean Views

It’s the most spectacular thing Newfoundland has to offer and it’s right outside our front door. Enjoy the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean, right through your seaside suite window.  

Fully Stocked Bar

Unplug and unwind with your drink of choice after a long day of vacationing. You can pair a smooth glass of wine with dinner or enjoy an aged glass of scotch on the front patio. Whatever your palette desires, we’re happy to serve you. 

Dining Room

Sam’s Bistro – Embracing Newfoundland’s culture and tradition wouldn’t be possible without serving traditional Newfoundland cuisine. We offer some of the finest meals on the coast. 


Soak all your stress away in our spa- like two person jacuzzi tub suite overlooking the saltwater. Turn on the jets, enjoy a glass of wine and forget about the rest. 


We believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So we like to start you off right with a hardy, traditional Newfoundland breakfast. Did someone say Toutons? 


We love to serve you a fresh brewed cup of black stuff to get your morning from “leave me alone” to “good morning sunshine”.

personal touches

The Manor fully encompass’s all things personal. With pride in our provinces culture, we embrace it and display it in every way possible.


Put your feet up and enjoy the sounds of the tranquil ocean waves and the smell of the saltwater air. It’s a full relaxation retreat.